If you are looking for a new #stroller fan or #portable #camping fan then look no further. The SkyGenius rechargeable clip fan will blow you away. Weighing les than 3lbs, quite, and powerful, this is the only accessory you need  to keep you cool this summer.

It is actually rather strong. Like Im shocked at how much air this thing puts out. It is all plastic. But the clip is good strong plastic with foam around the "teeth" of the clip. The fan head is however, kind of 'cheap' plastic, like that of a pen cap. If you dropped it, im sure the cage would break.

The fan head is 360 degree rotating making it really nice if you had to clip this somewhere strange, you can still get the directed air flow. Its got 3 speeds and a rechargeable battery lasting anywhere from 2.5hrs to 6hrs and only takes 1.5hrs to charge fully. And you can use a standard USB "android" power charging cord.

Here is what the company had to say about their product:

About this item

  • Flexible Rotation: 360°vertical and horizontal rotation which can keep you cool from any angle.
  • Powerful Wind: High quality motor, max wind speed 16.5ft/s, strong airflow and low noise, 3 adjustable speeds for different preferences.
  • Long Battery Life: Replaceable and Rechargeable 2500mAh 18650 battery ( INCLUDED ), 3~6 hours working time depends on different speeds.USB charging by a computer, laptop, power bank, USB Charger, cellphone adapter, car charger, etc.
  • Portable Size: 14*20*8.6cm (5.5*8*3.4 inches), portability, handy, lightweight to carry or store. Narrow gap, the child’s finger will not enter and touch the fan blades, safe to use.
  • Clip Style: Can be Put or Clip on anywhere you want, great for baby stroller, crib, home and office, library, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, outdoors, camping, trips, and anywhere need cool wind

So pick one up for yourself using the following link.


I can't believe how soft and healthy my hair feels after using this biotin shampoo and conditioner. There's none of that waxy build up or heaviness left behind like most hair care products on the market.

When I first started using this Biotin shampoo and conditioner I was really put off. The shampoo is super watery and has no real "body" to it like most others do. Also it doesn't later like other shampoos. It has a very unique smell, like unbaked cinnamon rolls, sweet and yeasty in the very best way possible.

The conditioner, was thick and creamy like you would expect from a conditioner. I really took sometime to rub it into the dry, damaged ends of my hair. After I washed it all out and got my hair towel dried, I knew that I had a new shampoo and conditioner. My hair fully dried looks healthy, shiny, and lightweight. I would really recommend investing in some and trying it out for yourself. 

Here is what the company said about their product:

Looking for a shampoo that suits your hair growth goals? Our Biotin shampoo for thinning hair and hair loss pairs with our Biotin Conditioner to support healthier, fuller-looking hair. Biotin Shampoos are popular hair thickening products for women.
Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth - Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Growth is commonly sought out as a shampoo for hair loss. Hair loss shampoo has become a popular form of hair thickening shampoo for hair regrowth for men & women.
Hair Growth Shampoo for Men & Women - Hair loss shampoo for men & hair loss shampoo for women typically has Biotin in it. Hair regrowth shampoo for men usually keeps hair loss from showing by giving the appearance of fuller-looking hair. 
Ditch the Hair Loss Treatments for Hair Growth - Naturally, Shampoo is going to be important for hair health. Hair loss treatments for men and hair loss treatments for women should be paired with a great Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for men and women.
Pairs perfectly with our Biotin Conditioner - With Shampoo Biotin is a great ingredient to include in your arsenal. Get the Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner set from Pureauty to help support fuller-looking hair regrowth. All Pureauty products are Made in the USA.

Get started finally treating your hair right order yours here https://pureautynaturals.com/products/biotin-shampoo

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 Recently I had the oppurtunity to review the Sharper Image 720P Dash Cam. So there are a few pro's and a couple of cons to this Dash Cam.


Rechargeable Battery
270 Degree Swivel Screen
Extra Long Charging Cord
32GB SD Card Compatible
Standard Android Micro USB Cables Work With It
Nite Time Recording Mode (untested in this review)
720P Recording (up to 3MP video capture)


Sound Quality is HORRIBLE
Color is Poor
Only Accepts Standard SD Cards Not Micro SD with SD Adapters
NO Internal Memory

Here is a demo video. Please turn your sound down. The sound recording is from me listening to the music at a normal level, it is only on volume level 6 on my stock 2007 Subaru Forester system. I did not set the internal time or date nor any other functions.

As you can see in the demo video, the color is a bit off and the sound is really horrible. Outside of those to issues, I really love this camera. Coming in under $35 this would be a great camera. Now if you are really into video and sound quality and want to use it to create some B Roll for YouTube (like I wanted) then you are going to be upset with it, and this is not the camera for you.

The whole set up is pretty intuitive. The other draw back I didnt care for is the fact that you have to use a "traditional" SD card not a Micro SD card with adapter. It will not read them. I tried several sizes and just wouldnt work. I slapped in my SD Card from my camera and it began recording instantly. There is no internal memory at all with this camera. 
Now that all being said, if you mess with some of the options you may be able to clear things up and make the picture and sound better. However, this was right out of the box, and suctioned to my windshield. 

So what are your thoughts on this? Would you get one for yourself? Like I said its really nice and easy to use, just the quality is a bit lacking. Also it records in 5 minute increments. But there is no loss between each video, so that is pretty amazing. Each video file came out to be about anywhere between 178mb to 450mb for each segment. I do not know if once the card is full if it will begin rewriting files or not. But for about 2 hours of driving all the files total came out to 5.88gb on a 8gb card. The output file is AVI and it doesnt look as if there is another encoder that can be used.

Today I am reviewing the Ckra Self Defense Whip. At first glance looking at the product I thought that it would be a really amazing item. So living in a rural area where there is an abundance of wildlife and liking to hike and camp, and now sadly more and more crime, I thought that this would be something good to have one me for those "just in case" moments.

The whip itself is very basic and rootermentry in design. It is a wooden handle with a plastic covered braided cable coming out of it. That is it. Very simplistic. At first glance you wonder "this is it?" There is some branding on the wooden handle, which is nice and smooth, and that is it. A few of the things that I found this whip lacking was, at the end of the cable, there was no end cap. Just exposed wire. Now there is no other information in the packing. And how I was exposed to the product it didnt say if the cable itself was stainless steel, but even then, I wouldn't imagine that it would be a good thing for water or moisture to get inside of it. Also there is no real understanding of how the cable is attached to the handle, as there is no visible milling or bolting. So maybe industrial glue?
The other issue I take with it, is that there is no grip on the handle. It is smooth wood. Nor is there a wrist strap or anything to secure it to your body should an assailant try to take it from you. And if your hands were wet, you would lose your grip on it. You could attach your own wrist strap, and maybe woodburn or make sometype of hand grip. But these things seem like a design flaw.

Here is what the company had to say about their product:

  • Great Self Defense Baton, this is a weapon, not a toy.
  • Easy to retract, there is a hole to fix the cable.
  • Wooden handle,light weight.
  • Only 120g weight. Full length 60cm. Handle Length 14cm. Whip length 46cm.
  • Seven-core Steel cable, very solid.
  • The length is very suitable for swing, no too long, not too short.
Overall I would rate this product 3 out of 5 stars. Mainly for the lack of grip, and securing it to your hand, as well as the open ended exposed cord. I would still recommend this for a line of personal defense. I just think that R&D needs to be done a bit further on it and that it could stand to be maybe 5 to 10 inches longer.

Here is where you can get one of your own

 I am so impressed with the quality of this bbq grilling mat from Sumpri. The mats are really nice, thick, and impressively large. I was also really excited to see that it came with a pair of professional quality tongs, and a really nice silicon basting brush.

I am however kind of confused as to why a company would send this for a test review in the dead of winter, but I am none the less happy with the over all product, and am going to be using the mats in the oven for baking.

Here is what the company had to say about their product:

  • "100% NON-STICK COOKING SURFACE FOR YOUR GRILL: Now you can prevent food from sticking to your grill, you will never have to BBQ on a nasty, dirty grill grate again! Our heavy duty mat also prevents your food from falling between the grates. Enjoy grilling like a pro. These high quality mats are reusable for years! Keep your grill looking amazing - no more hard work cleaning it up!"
  • NEW 0.4mm THICK EXTRA DURABLE 19.6x15.7-Inch MATS! : SUMPRI heavy duty grill mat is 2Xthicker and stronger than most grill mats on the market. The mats can withstand extremely high temperatures while leaving grill marks on your food and robust flavor intact, Perfect for use on top of the Grill or Oven, providing you with more options in your premium grilling experience.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED SO YOU CAN ROAST ANYTHING COMFORTABLY AND EASILY: Our cooking mat works with any kind of barbecue grill, made from premium heat resistant PTFE-Fiberglass coating, perfect for making juicy steaks, crispy chicken, roasted vegetables, and even for baking the perfect cookies, the options are endless!
  • EASY TO CLEAN DISHWASHER SAFE - These mats are safe for use on the top shelf of your dishwasher, clean-up is a breeze! You can also wash it off with warm water, take a sponge with dish soap and clean it off - fast, easy and takes about a minute or two.
  • RISK-FREE 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! - SUMPRI is committed to delivering the best possible experience to all customers.

So if you are looking for the perfect present for that outdoors person in your life, look no further.

I just got this really nice water bottle from Funus. Its 1/2 gallon or 2000ml which is enough to keep you more than hydrated. I have been looking for a really good water bottle now for quite sometime and I am happy that I found this one.

It comes with 2 different caps, and a cleaning brush. The outside feels like a really nice silicone. And it is pretty rugged. 

I am looking forward to taking this on camping and hiking trips with me. Because as any outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) can attest to, you need to stay hydrated. Also because of its large capacity, I can take it to the gym and automatically know that its mine. 

Here is what the company had to say about their product: 

[Stronger & Durable] Stronger and more durable than before but still lightweight as usual. 100% BPA free, non-toxic and odorless food grade plastic material.

[2.2L Capacity & Wide Mouth Design] 2.2L big capacity water jug can replenish your moisture loss after exercises. A wide mouth allows you to add ice cubes or fruits to meet your requirements.

[100% Leak-Proof] Lid with silicone seal, patented design, 100% leak-proof even you shake it vigorously! The gallon water jug comes with a variety of colors, it is ideal for your beloved ones, to help them keep hydrated and healthy.

[Easy to Use with Straw] Straw Lid: Removable straw, no need to tilt to drink and easy to clean, the nozzle is made of high-quality silicone, BPA free. Two lids: Straw Lid, Spout Lid, in the package can meet your all requirements.

[Tips for you] Not keeping water cold. Clean with baking soda and vinegar before first use; Fill with liquids below 50℃; Not dishwasher safe; Don’t leave in the car on a hot day or drop it from a high place.

So if you are looking for that perfect water bottle or a last minute gift for a friend or family member then look no further

Get yours here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FXQDJT6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1603470653&sr=1-3&keywords=water+jug


So a company reached out to me and wanted me to test their water bottle. I've been on the market for a while now, looking for a large compacity water bottle and just hadn't found one that was calling out to me. Well SoxCoxo must have known my plight because this water bottle is everything that I was looking for.

Its BPA free, holds 1/2 gallon of water, is easily distinguished, has a wrist strap, and is durable. Check, check, and check. I recently took up hiking and walking for health, and always found myself lacking in the water department. 

On one of my treks, I did 7.5 miles and didn't have any water on hand. Thankfully there were a lot of fruit trees and berry bushes along the way that I was able to eat and get the juices from. But now that I have this bad boy, I am sure that I am going to be well hydrated when I go out and about. 

A few things about this water bottle is that, outside of it being BPA free, it says not to wash in a dishwasher and not to have hot beverages in it. I was hoping to put coffee or something in it when I walked or maybe even coco for the winter months, but lets face it, no one needs a half gallon of either lol. 

Here is what the company had to say about their product:

Large Capacity: 2.2L large water bottle with capacity maker can help you boost your daily water intake, the mouth was much bigger, easier to fill with ice and more pleasant to drink from.

Excellent Material: Crafted with quality BPA-free PETG, eco-friendly reusable durable and leak proof

Lightweight & Portable: Light and portable with an ergonomic strap and handle, perfect for Fitness Gym Outdoor and Rugged Camping Trips.

Leak Proof Guarantee: The flip top lid equipped with flip top opening mechanism prevent leakage.

Best Service: Any dissatisfaction please contact with us, any quality problem replacement & refund are provided in 3 months- your satisfaction is paramount!

As the experts recommend drinking eight glasses—or about 64 ounces—of water every day, it’s important to stay hydrated.

However, for as long as you’ve had a desk job, you haven’t had a problem with drinking enough water. Savvy men know the importance of a good water bottle – one that can keep your water fresh and cool for long periods of time.

Soxcoxo half gallon water bottle is design for this needs .Stay hydrated no matter where you are with Soxcoxo large water bottles.

1. It’s 74 ounces, more than the oft-recommended eight 8-ounce glasses per day (64 ounces),you could drink enough water.

2. Soxcoxo BPA free reusable water bottles are an cost-effective way to keep you healthy and hydrated.

3. With a reassuringly leak-proof build and a workout-friendly flip-top, the lid can be flipped as well as unscrewed for easy drinking.

4. Soxcoxo 2 liter water bottle has a wrist strap and easy-grab side handle, making it easy to take on the go, is easier to carry or toss in a gym bag.

5. Plus, the large opening lets you add ice, fruit or other flavorings.

So I am both excited and proud to be using this great water bottle, and look forward to the many adventures ill have with it this summer.

Get one of your own here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z84CH3S/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1603124861&sr=1-6&keywords=gallon+water+bottle&m=A2RLKLI3T10BBB

#firmoo has been around since 2008 and has been quietly kicking butt ever since. I had the chance to try out their #eyeglassesfashion and I am so happy that I did.

They are top notch, professional quality. For all the "bells and whistles" my glasses came up to $39.

Now one of the things that I am always asked when I tell people that I got my glasses online is "well how do you know they will fit" and "how do i get my prescription and pupil distance". Well you upload a picture of yourself without glasses on, and then you fit the frame to your face. As for the prescription, you just ask your eye doctor for it plus the pupil distance.

The best money saving advice I could give when ordering glasses (especially if you dont have insurance) is go to Walmart and have an eye exam done. You are going to be able to get one in many cases for under $40. Then you hop over to www.frimoo.com set up a free account and order your glasses. You are looking at a brand new pair of glasses for under $100 by the time you are all said and done. And best part is that if you look you can find promo codes that allow you to do BOGO's so that means that you are getting 2 pairs of glasses under $100 during those specials.

Since I have learned about getting my glasses online, I no longer have to be limited by my insurance's "selection". I dont have to get those ghetto frames that have that "state aid" look to them.

They have frames and styles that are sure to fit any member of the family, including childrens frames. And lets face it, kids are hard AF on glasses. With prices this low, you can get a few sets, and not have to worry about them getting broken.

I am really happy with my set, and really happy that I had the oppurtunity to check them out.

#firmoo #eyeglassesfashion #eyeweardesign #eyeweartrends #eyewearstyle #sponsored

So I just got a new set of glasses from an online retailer called Abbe Glasses and I couldn't be happier. The online ordering process was straight forward and intuitive. All i needed was my prescription, and pupil distance and after I picked out the frames and lense style that I wanted, I got them a week and a half later.

I have been needing a new pair of glasses for quite sometime. So when Abbe Glasses wanted to team up, it was like having a prayer answered. They are lightweight but not "flemsey" feeling, and stylish. I like the "cateye" look that they give. Its a smooth combo of masculine and feminine. They are also very "professional" looking so I could wear them every day or wear them to the office.  I am so shocked on the quality. Because lets face it. Many times we order things online only to get them and find out its nothing like what was pictured. 

This is truly awesome for the budget conscious consumer. Because anyone who wears glasses can tell you, that sometimes a single pair can be several hundred dollars. I also love the fact that they come with a money back guarantee, and if i am not satisfied with them I can send them back for an exchange. But so far they are checking all of the boxes, and I dont see a need to send them back. Go to their website and see if you can find yourself or someone in your family a set. 

Go check them out.

Its amazing how a simple toy can bring so much enjoyment to a child. And that is exactly what these wonderful puppets have done. My niece who is a year old, absolutely lit up and started squealing when she opened the box to see all of her new toys. She was instantly drawn to the squeaky toys, and loved the very large elephant puppet.

Being this young of age she is still teething and everything has to go into the mouth. And with these toys I feel safe letting her play with them and use her developing imagination without fear of them being to small to swallow. Sure you could probably cram one into the mouth, but as one is only about the size of a small orange, I dont think that will happen.
These are made very well and you have a variety of vibrant colors which is appealing to young children. Here is what the company had to say about their product:

Hand puppets are versatile creative imagination tools that provide hours of entertainment while your child play favorite stories and fantasy games or deal with reactions to current events in their lives.
These 8 puppet toys will become your toddler’s favorite companions at home, in the kindergarten or daycare!
bibi sounds toys
The positive nature of the animal puppet game helps them explore the power of cause and effect, making their dreams, victories, and fears visible, and making the characters tangible from their inner lives.
giraffe hand puppets
High Quality Material
100% Safe For Your Kids
Alll made of soft rubber,safe for kids.
Trustworthy quality, hand painted with details; made from highly durable, toxin-free soft vinyl.
3 Style Animal Toys
animal hand puppets
finger puppets
bibi sounds toys
Hand puppets
Elephant head and Giraffe head
Size bout 5.73 Lenght and 6.11 width , Both puppet toy is snug enough to secure both kids’ & adults’ fingers, one-size-fits-all.
Two finger pupptes
2pcs Dinosaur Head and 1pcs snake head
Size about 2.96x2.56 " 2 finger toys.
Bibi Sounds Toys
Green Rhinos ,Orange dinosaurs,
Gray pangolin. All these would make sounds which have more fun for kids to play .
Children like role-playing, different puppets play different roles, which will be more fun in life. Hand puppets are the perfect way for kids to enjoy interactive and educational games. help to develop kids motor skill.

As you can imagine these are going to provide countless hours of fun for your kiddos and give a great opportunity for open ended play time and can even be used as a teaching tool as they get older to learn about the different animal characters that they are playing with.

So I was asked to review Forid's new Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags the other day, and I hopped at the chance to do so.
Every month I buy ziploc baggies to put my food away in, and every month I keep telling myself that I am going to get something that is reusable and sustainable. So you can imagine my happiness when I was finally offered a set by this company. I will admit that these came to me as a review item for my honest opinion of them. And that being said you know that I only give my honest opinion regardless if a company has sent it out to me or not.

Well I have to say that I am really happy with these bags so far. They are a thick plastic that feels like silicone. However, they claim that they are "FDA food-grade & eco-friendly PEVA material, which is silicone & plastic-free, PVC-free, chloride-free, BPA-FREE and without the danger of harmful chemicals so that you can store food and personal items safely and worry-free.." 

What I really like about them is that they dont have that "plastic" smell to them, and you can feel that they are a higher quality than traditional ziplock bags, and thicker than the more traditional freezer bag style of baggie.

Here is what the company had to say about their product:

🔍 According to relevant scientific reports, human has been produced about 18.2 trillion pounds (about 8.26 billion tons) of plastics so far, more than 90% of them have become garbage. The garbage plastic ends up in landfills where it can take hundreds of years to break down. However, if the plastic doesn’t end up in a landfill, it will end up in the ocean, where it can cause pollution and marine animal deaths.

🌎 Now, in order to reduce the use of the disposable plastic bag, FORID provides people with safe, convenient, eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable food storage bags, trying our best to save our planet together, would you like to join with us?

The Feature of FORID Reusable Gallon Storage Bags:
✅ Excellent Material: FORID ziplock gallon freezer bags adopt FDA food-grade PEVA material, no silicone, no plastic, no PVC, no chloride, and BPA-FREE.
✅ Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Better durability due to the thickened design, you can use gallon ziplock storage bags repeatedly, which replace the plastic bags perfectly and reduce environmental pollution.
✅ Leakproof & Sealing: FORID reusable gallon freezer bags adopt New design double-lock zipper technology, which brings better leakproof and sealing effect, perfect for food storing and keep fresh.
✅ Convenient: The transparent design allows for a quick glance at contents inside reusable freezer bags.

 ● Freezer Storage: Perfect for Ice-cold Storage and for saving leftovers and keep meal-prep, seafood, fruit & veggies fresh, marinate food, etc.
 ● Snack Storage: for Kid food, grapes, carrots, chips, sandwich, bread, cheese, and backpack storage, etc.
 ● Home Organization: for storing makeup, jewelry, stationery, toys, and travel accessories, etc.

Package Includes:
 ● 3 x Green reusable gallon bags (11 x 10.6 inch)
 ● 3 x Blue reusable gallon bags (11 x 10.6 inch)

I would love to get 2 more sets of these to completely get away from having to buy more baggies at the store. And with a 100% money back guarantee you are really risking nothing in getting yourself a set to try out. 

This link here is where you can get a set of your own:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B083BV2MVN/ref 

I had the pleasure of reviewing the RoomyRoc True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. I have been wanting a set of wireless earbuds since I first saw them come to market.
I have friends who have the AirPods and my niece has the Samsung pods and both love them and the sound quality is excellent with them.

I am happy to say that these babys have the same excellent quality. At first, when I put them on, they were a bit "tinny" and sounded distant. But that was because of user error not because of the device themselves.

They come with ear caps that are in 3 different sizes. Well apparently I needed the smaller of the sizes, and to adjust them to fit in my ear instead of sitting on the outside of the ear like a traditional bluetooth (of which I have like 12 of them so I thought that these function/wore like them). Once I had fitted them to my ear and inserted them into the ear canal, the sound quality went from ok/passable to amazing/loud and I actually had to turn them down.

Now one thing that I will say about them that I dont like is that there is no physical buttons. Just a "touch sensitive" area that controls answering calls, and activating the phone assistant. I did find that if I double tap the control area, that it will sometimes start my music that I have saved on my phone. And the auto connect feature will automatically begin playing music in stead of allowing me to choose what functions I want to do. Also it plays sounds in your ear to let you know that there is an incoming call, and will play the ringtone in your ears, as well as system sounds and text message alerts. Another feature that I dont really care for is the ear hooks. They have to be removed in order to put them into the charging case. But they seem to be really snug and secure in their holding area on the underside of the case.

The charging case also works like a portable phone charger. However, I haven't tried charging my phone using the case yet, but it has a USB male port for plugging in your phone. The input for charging the case and pods is a USB C which makes my life a little difficult since everything that I own is USB B and Micro USB. But that is a small hurdle. The earbuds come with their own charging cord that is just over a foot, but it didnt come with a USB to AC adapter which is a bit shocking and sadding.

Over all I am really happy with them. However my left ear isnt really. I typically wear my bluetooth in my right. But the earbuds can be worn separately or in stereo so it is really users choice. However, I found that with both in, that things are muffled and you have to kind of strain to hear what is being said. They are not noise cancelling but with the muffeling they are almost.

I give them a 8 out of 10. For a full review please head over to the YouTube channel and watch the video that I did https://youtu.be/rqnsFULMkkQ

If you would like to get a set for yourself click this link here


*unpaid sponsored post. product was sent for testing purposes. review is unbiased and my true feelings on the product.